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  • The four principles of choosing labor gloves should be kept in mind!

    Labor protection gloves are a kind of instrument that can protect people’s hands. Different protective functions of gloves are different, so they are used in different fields. When selecting gloves, it should be clear that the gloves you buy are suitable for your job and have protective fun...
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  • What are the functions of oil-resistant gloves

    We often use gloves in our daily life. We often use labor protection gloves. Due to the variety of chemicals people encounter at work, it is a particularly complex problem to prevent them from being hurt, especially the acid, alkali and salt in the working environment. Oil-resistant gloves are ma...
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  • The development of plastic gloves is analyzed by labor protection glove manufacturers

    Point plastic gloves as one of many labor protection supplies, has a strong anti-skid function, because of its characteristics, so it is more and more widely used in life and work. Below, factory of labor insurance glove manufacturer explains its development briefly. Point plastic gloves are nam...
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  • How to judge the service life of labor gloves

    In the process of labor insurance supplies is to make the worker from or reduce accidents and injuries to provide personal safety protection, according to different types of labor protection articles, a different work environment is the different definition of life, and at the same time and the l...
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  • Methods and precautions for solving fading of labor protection gloves

    Labor protection gloves are widely used in daily life, and there are more styles and samples to choose from. They have different specifications for different USES, and they have played a quite important role in our life. Fading of labor gloves is also a common sight, and today we tell you how to ...
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  • Nitrile foamed bead gloves

    Nitrile rubber is a kind of rubber with large polarity. The nitrile rubber formed after curing has excellent water resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in glove preparation. The disadvantage of nitrile foamed rubber is that the rubber surf...
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  • Precautions for wearing labor protection gloves

    Precautions for wearing labor protection gloves

    Labor gloves have special protective functions that other gloves do not have. Different protective gloves are used in different places depending on their function. We should choose the suitable gloves according to the different working conditions. Different gloves have different protective functi...
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  • Pay attention to the correct use of protective gloves

    The hand is not only the direct tool of labor production, but also the first tool of labor production. Therefore, it is very important to choose appropriate gloves for safety protection. On the job site, most of the operation is done by human hands, and the safety protection of the hand mainly re...
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  • Can expired labor protection gloves be used

    When we use labor protection gloves, if not careful, it will often damage its life. So we should pay attention when using it: gloves should be appropriate size, if the gloves are too tight, limited blood flow, easy to cause fatigue, and uncomfortable; If too loose, the use is not flexible, and ea...
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  • The difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves

    Gloves are generally divided into single materials and composite materials. Simple is that we commonly see medical gloves, this gloves can also be used as our family with rain washing gloves, the main material is a kind of raw material to make. Again be like common sweat cloth glove, leather glov...
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  • Linyi Furunda Import and Export Co., Ltd. donated RMB 1,000,000 to the community’s fight against coronavirus

      Linyi Furunda Import and Export Co., Ltd. donated RMB 1,000,000 to the community’s fight against coronavirus,¬†contributing to China’s fight against coronavirus  
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