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How to judge the quality of a pair of nitrile labor protection gloves?

Nitrile labor protection gloves have oil-proof performance, so they are especially suitable for repair plants, oil fields, factories and other fields, and the market demand is also very large. Like some large manufacturers, every purchase of the gloves is a one-time purchase of thousands of pairs, the quantity of large concessions these manufacturers procurement personnel know. However, in the process of purchasing, they also need to learn how to distinguish the quality of nitrile gloves, it is believed that many purchasing staff will not be able to tell the difference. That in order to help the following for the explanation, how to judge the quality of a pair of nitrile labor protection gloves.

Want to know the quality of a pair of nitrile labor protection gloves, you can first observe the appearance of gloves, gloves of good quality surface requirements four, no yellows, no black spots, no stains, no holes. Yellows, black spots and stains can be seen with the naked eye, but how can holes be identified? You can take a sample of nitrile gloves sent by the manufacturer and fill them with water or air. If you notice a leak or a leak in the glove, there is a quality problem

Labour protection glove

The nitrile labor protection glove that professional manufacturer place produces comes out is in after inflating, won’t appear leak phenomenon, and the quality wants even better than balloon. The gloves do not contain latex proteins, so they will not cause allergic reactions. If you have skin allergies after wearing the gloves, it means that there are serious quality problems with the gloves and you need to return them as soon as possible. And the quality of nitrile gloves should also have, very good wear resistance, puncture resistance, tensile properties and tensile strength, in the service life is also very long.

Nitrile labor insurance gloves, so to speak, that the quality of the main has relationship with the manufacturer, can produce gloves manufacturers on the market at present there are many, but the true production good quality gloves manufacturers are very few, believe there are many enterprises procurement staff, procurement to inferior gloves, Suggestions do not covet is cheap, select reasonable valuation of formal big manufacturer to purchase.

Post time: Aug-21-2020