How to judge the service life of labor gloves

In the process of labor insurance supplies is to make the worker from or reduce accidents and injuries to provide personal safety protection, according to different types of labor protection articles, a different work environment is the different definition of life, and at the same time and the labor protection articles use frequency, the nature of their own labor protection articles related factors.


Labour protection glove

According to the labor protection supplies due to damage, test protection function failure or expiration of the period of validity, should be promptly cleaned from the work site, by special person responsible for supervision and destruction. A detailed record shall be made of the type, quantity, source and reason of the destruction, and the handler and supervisor shall sign and file it. In general, the following three principles should be considered in the life of labor gloves:


1. Corrosion degree of labor gloves

According to different work to the wear of labor protection articles can be divided into heavy corrosion work, medium corrosion work and light corrosion work. The degree of corrosion reflects the working environment and the working conditions.


2. Wear and tear of labor gloves

According to the degree of protection function reduction, it can be divided into vulnerable to loss, medium loss and mandatory scrap. Wear and tear reflects the protective performance of protective equipment.


3. Durability of labor gloves

It can be classified as durable, medium durable and not durable according to the life cycle. The durable performance reflects the material condition of labor protection articles.

In addition, labor protection articles should be changed regularly according to different working environments, and strictly prohibited outflow, to avoid misuse of accidents. The use and maintenance of protective equipment for labor protection shall be standardized according to the use requirements of each protective equipment. Use protective equipment carefully to avoid damage. It must be checked strictly before use. After use for the convenience of the next use, to carry out maintenance, and then put in the specified storage place. If any damage or serious wear and tear is found during inspection, it should be replaced in time.


The labor protection articles that the state stipulates should be inspected on a regular basis, such as insulating shoes, insulating gloves, etc., shall be subject to compulsory final inspection according to the lowest index of effective protective function and the requirement of effective use period; The testing shall be completed by a qualified department and a qualified test report shall be issued. The state does not provide the labor protection articles that should be inspected regularly, such as helmet, protective glasses, face mask, high-altitude safety belt, etc., according to the minimum index of effective protection function and the requirements of effective use period, the labor protection articles of the same batch are regularly tested by sampling. Only those qualified for testing can continue to use, and those unqualified will be scrapped.


Post time: Jul-04-2020