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Methods and precautions for solving fading of labor protection gloves

Labor protection gloves are widely used in daily life, and there are more styles and samples to choose from. They have different specifications for different USES, and they have played a quite important role in our life. Fading of labor gloves is also a common sight, and today we tell you how to solve this problem:


 1. As for the labor insurance gloves, if you are afraid of fading, you can soak them in salt water before washing them. It will take about half an hour. If there is still a bit of fading, you can wash each time, put a little salt, a long time, will not fade.

2, in daily life, people feel deep jeans, especially the dark color is the most easy to fade, experienced aunts will be in the air when the sun against the sun, in fact, safety protection labor gloves can be so, after cleaning, in turn, to avoid direct exposure to the sun, so it is not easy to fade.

3. For some cotton gloves, in order to prevent fading, you can add a little vinegar in your daily life. You don’t need to buy good vinegar, but don’t put too much into it.

Methods and precautions for solving fading of labor protection gloves

Take good care of protective gloves. Natural rubber gloves should not be in contact with acid, alkali or oil for a long time, and should not puncture sharp objects. Wash and dry the gloves after use. Sprinkle talc powder on the inside and outside of the gloves. Keep them properly. Labour protection glove and can wear don’t wear protective equipment, the expert points out, work gloves and safety protective equipment can eliminate or relieve the occupational-disease-inductive factors effect on the laborers’ health, “occupational disease prevention law” regulation, unit of choose and employ persons must provide conform to the requirements of the personalprotective equipment for workers, and workers have a duty to wear protective equipment.

1. First of all, the protective effect and use requirements of different kinds of gloves should be understood, so as to make a correct choice in the operation. Gloves should not be used as some special gloves in general occasions. Such as cotton gloves, chemical fiber gloves as anti – vibration gloves to use, the effect is very poor.

2. The appearance of insulating gloves shall be checked before use. If holes or cracks are found on the surface, the gloves shall be stopped from use.

3. When using vibration tools, it is not safe to wear anti-vibration gloves. Attention should be paid to arrange a certain time to rest in the work. As the vibration frequency of the tool increases, the rest time can be extended accordingly. For all kinds of vibration tools used, it is better to measure the vibration acceleration so as to select suitable anti-vibration gloves and obtain better protection effect.

4. In some cases, all gloves should be of appropriate size to avoid excessive length of fingers, mechanical twisting or winding, and hand injury.

5. Anti-vibration gloves can be used when operating high-speed rotary machinery. Oil – proof gloves should be used in some maintenance equipment and oil filling operations to avoid damage from oil rivals.

6. Different types of safety protective gloves have their own performance for specific purposes. In practical work, they must be correctly used and distinguished in combination with the operation situation to protect hand safety.


Post time: Jun-24-2020