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Nitrile foamed bead gloves

Nitrile rubber is a kind of rubber with large polarity. The nitrile rubber formed after curing has excellent water resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in glove preparation. The disadvantage of nitrile foamed rubber is that the rubber surface is very smooth, resulting in very limited wear resistance and anti-skid ability of gloves. When encountering oil and water, the gloves basically have no anti-skid effect, resulting in the application function of nitrile gloves is defective.


Solution: Prepare bead glue: mix nitrile rubber latex, water and ball abrasive into soft paste glue; The ball abrasive is obtained by mixing vulcanizing agent, active agent, dispersing agent, thickening agent and water in a certain mass ratio and grinding by ball mill. Pretreatment of nitrile foaming gloves: Wetting the surface of nitrile foaming gloves where beads need to be implanted.

Point bead vulcanization curing: heat the nitrile foaming gloves after planting the point bead, and make the point bead inside and vulcanization cross link between the point bead and the rubber layer on the surface of the nitrile foaming gloves, so that the point bead is firmly planted on the nitrile foaming gloves. The wetting treatment may be used to soak the nitrile foaming gloves in water or to rinse the surface of the nitrile foaming gloves with water, especially one side of the palm requiring implantation of beads. Increase the flexibility of gloves.


Post time: Jun-17-2020