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The development of plastic gloves is analyzed by labor protection glove manufacturers

Point plastic gloves as one of many labor protection supplies, has a strong anti-skid function, because of its characteristics, so it is more and more widely used in life and work. Below, factory of labor insurance glove manufacturer explains its development briefly.


Point plastic gloves are named according to the technology and the anti-slip function of the gloves. Generally, the common point plastic gloves include operation point plastic gloves, canvas point plastic gloves and cotton yarn point plastic gloves. These kinds of spot-plastic gloves are developed on the basis of the previous cotton gloves, canvas gloves and cotton gauze gloves. The original labor protection gloves already have certain anti-skid function, but with the high demand of consumers for anti-skid performance, spot-plastic gloves come into being, and their anti-skid performance far exceeds the former. Therefore, the workplace has higher requirements for anti-skid gloves can be selected point plastic gloves.

Point plastic gloves are a good helper in life and work, and with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, it will have a good development prospect in the future, the scope of application will be more extensive.


Post time: Jul-10-2020